These are a few examples of the work I do at the studio. Most of the metals used in the construction and fabrication of the earrings are either gold, nickel free sterling silver, platinum, or platinum sterling. Copper earrings can also be made upon request. Prices range from $25 for some of the designs in sterling to several hundred for designs in gold or platinum alloys.

Earwires are hand made of nickel free sterling silver. The design is what I jokingly call my “kitty cat tail” earwires, in honor of a beloved cat I had as a child that had a crook in it’s tail. The flip at the end of the ear wires function in the same manner as leverback earwires in that they prevent the earwire from accidentally backing out of the ear. Each wire is hand shaped and then heat tempered for an hour in a kiln and then water quenched to ensure the proper amount of spring/tension in each wire.